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100th years anniversary of AVROTROS


How do you celebrate the 100th anniversary of the oldest broadcaster in the Netherlands in a spectacular way? How do you honor the past and the people who have made significant contributions to it, and how do you celebrate the shared future of this public media company?

AVROTROS has reached its 100th anniversary, and we haven't let it pass unnoticed. A century ago, AVRO was founded when the broadcaster had its first radio broadcast on July 21, 1923. That marked the beginning of the broadcaster we all now know as AVROTROS, "the broadcaster of us."

XSAGA produced two festive evenings where all stakeholders and colleagues were invited to celebrate this jubilee together. We kicked off the evening with a film by XSAGA Video, reflecting on 100 years of television and radio history. This placed the DNA of the cultural fusion broadcaster prominently on the stage. The unifying gathering was centered around two grand show segments, with important roles for artists such as Maria Fiselier, Brace, Ruben Hein, Marlijn Weerdenburg, Wolter Kroes, and Numidia.

Afterwards, it was the organic interplay of video, lighting, sound, music, and dance that left the attendees speechless, as well as the unveiling of the 'centerpiece' of the evening, which transformed in a spectacular manner multiple times during this historic celebration.

AVROTROS 100 jaar
100 jaar AVROTROS
100 jaar AVROTROS
100 jaar AVROTROS
100 jaar AVROTROS