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Albert Heijn Food Festival

Albert Heijn


Making 'Better Eating Accessible' to Everyone. How do you promote this mission as one of the Netherlands' largest supermarket chains to a broad audience? By inspiring and connecting through a multi-day festival: the AH Food Festival

During the first edition of the AH Food Festival at Expo Haarlemmermeer, the public had the opportunity to taste the food of today and tomorrow. They could also participate in interactive sessions and workshops and listen to various top speakers. All of this took place in the atmosphere of a fun, delicious, and informative festival.

The festival was divided into three different domains: Better Eating is Better Living, Better Eating Connects, and Better Eating Leaves the World Better. Through these domains, visitors were informed and inspired through various experiences to return home with fresh ideas for a healthy lifestyle or contributing to a better world. XSAGA, in collaboration with Albert Heijn, was responsible for the entire production, from design to construction, from content to execution of the festival.

Beter eten Festival 2022
Beter eten Festival 2022
Beter eten Festival 2022
Beter eten Festival 2022
Beter eten Festival 2022
With this festival, we aim to inspire people to try something new and different on the path to a healthier, more social, and more sustainable society.

- Marit van Egmond, CEO Albert Heijn at television program RTLZ

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