Inauguration of the National Holocaust Museum

Jewish Cultural Quarter



Develop and execute the program for the inauguration of the National Holocaust Museum

The establishment of the inaugural Holocaust Museum in the Netherlands spanned several years. Consequently, the opening of this new museum was anticipated as a momentous occasion.

It began with a creative plan, where all guests would experience the opening program from the Portuguese Synagogue (also part of the Jewish Cultural Quarter), as the number of attendees exceeded the capacity of the new museum. Here, they were immersed in the narrative of the museum and the associated Hollandsche Schouwburg. Through 4 video inserts, produced in collaboration with XSAGA Video, we followed 6 young individuals symbolizing the new generation entrusted with carrying forward the story. Along their journey, they encountered various performances, interspersed with live acts from the Synagogue, enhancing the narrative and emotional experience of this profound moment

The entire program was broadcast live by NOS on NPO1, followed by the King performing the official opening ceremony alongside a survivor and their great-grandchild, symbolizing the generations for whom the National Holocaust Museum has opened its doors.


XSAGA is an incredibly professional partner, unafraid to push the boundaries of your own imagination

Emile Schrijver, CEO of the Jewish Cultural Quarter