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KLM celebrates its 100th anniversary

Royal Dutch Airlines



How does a royal company like KLM, with 30,000 employees and the privilege of serving over 30 million customers per year, celebrate its hundredth birthday?

A centennial celebration of global magnitude at the epicenter, Hangar 10, in Schiphol-East. XSAGA was responsible for both the concept and the execution of the entire production.

A profoundly unifying 'family celebration' where 65,000 people were welcomed behind customs for 6 days, experiencing an unforgettable event

The past, present, and future of the world's oldest airline operating under its own name were powerfully showcased on stage.

Everyone in the Netherlands seemed to be connected in some way to the jubilant blue family.

The event won a Cross Media Award, a Bea World Award, and an Eventex Award. Additionally, KLM won the Randstad Employer Branding Award for the first time in five years. This meant that the indirect results continued to resonate even after the festive period

"The event triggered a flood of positive media content that inundated the world through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

- Eventbranche