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The Art of being a Top Employer

Top Employers Institute


Develop and execute a concept for the Top Employers Institute Certification Dinners 2024.

Top Employers Institute recognizes major employers as 'Top Employers' in fourteen countries; an exclusive certification celebrated annually with a Certification Dinner. This year, XSAGA was tasked with devising a creative concept that encapsulates the essence of top employer practices and is applicable to all these countries. This resulted in 'The Art of being a Top Employer', which celebrated and honored the HR profession with inspiration from the world of art and culture. XSAGA was also commissioned for the Benelux and Global editions to oversee the execution. The chosen venues, the Handelsbeurs in Antwerp and the Maritime Museum in Amsterdam, seamlessly aligned with the theme. Both days also featured substantive afternoon programs with inspiring talks by Lesley Arens from ZigZagHR, Kiki Vervloessem from the Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, and renowned photographer Jimmy Nelson

In addition, the evening program, primarily focused on the award ceremony, was enriched with artistic performances; including Junior Ballet in Antwerp, dancers from the National Ballet in Amsterdam, and musical acts by Cats Collective, Black Harmony, and Kick'Em Jenny. From the latter band, vocalist Kirsten Berkx also delivered an inspiring spoken word performance about the art of entrepreneurship. All these elements combined reinforced the theme, resulting in a unique experience that creatively embodied the value and prestige of top employer practices.

"XSAGA has developed a very strong concept that could be perfectly applied in all countries and one that we will likely continue to build upon for a long time. A great collaboration!"

David Plink, CEO Top Employers Institute