Our story

Your attention please! Attention – it’s what people and brands want. You have to earn genuine attention, though: less and less can be forced or bought. That’s why we believe in the power of the personal experience.

XSAGA is a flexible company that can switch effortlessly between live, hybrid and fully digital productions. No matter the event or occasion, we make real contact with the target audience and infuse the message with feeling, boosting the impact of the experience.

Our clients expect XSAGA to think both creatively and strategically about their event, anniversary celebration, festive opening, promotion or campaign. Whether it’s a private event or public, large or small, we present a concept that we can produce down to the smallest detail, based on that one big idea.


And virtually all our productions generate shareable content, allowing the message to travel much further and the reach to increase substantially.

Our creative approach combined with our flawless production is what makes XSAGA ‘The experience company!’

Our team
Chantal Gulpers
Marianne Severein
Sandra Schouten
Justine Meijer
Marlies de Lege
Gijs Hoppenbrouwers
Masja Egas
Patricia Stevens
Rosa Piscaer
Sanne Hamel
Pieter Claassen
Patrick Roubroeks
Mike de Vries
Mayke Luijendijk
Marieke de Vos
Marcia Siebers
Lidy Moerbeek
Laura Meijer
José van Heerdt
Janina Breuer
Floor Opheij
Eefke Intven
Charlot Schrijvers
Carola van Wagtendonk
Bob Veerman
Alberto Radstake
Kristel Strikkers
Marco Minneboo
Jacques Kuyf
Rard Rijcken