XSAGA Video is an exclusive label of XSAGA, focusing on creating substantive and creative films and developing original formats for television, online, and streaming services.

We believe in storytelling and the power of emotion. Video as a medium offers endless possibilities in this regard, primarily due to its intrinsic ability to resonate with the viewer.

At XSAGA, we have been creating unique experiences for over 23 years that capture the right attention from the desired audience. Our work and extensive in-house television experience illustrate our passion for visuals. With XSAGA Video, we complete our offerings in this regard.

Connection through imagination

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what can happen when we are asked to tell a story through moving images? At XSAGA, we approach this question with the same medium-agnostic philosophy that makes XSAGA 'The experience company

What emotional experience, what imagination can we add to make the message resonate even more with the recipient? And what makes the video so compelling that it is shared independently by individual viewers, thereby becoming the medium through which the impact and effectiveness of the message are significantly amplified.

Here, you will find a few examples of our previous work. We prefer to discuss future projects in person, in direct contact with each other. Making a non-committal appointment is easy.