Public event

The liveliest living room in the Netherlands

City of Amsterdam


In the context of UEFA EURO 2020, the City of Amsterdam approached us to come up with an activation event that would still comply with the pandemic guidance: Connect the public and the local community and create a buzz.


Who would you like to see enjoy the best experience in the Liveliest Living Room? On behalf of the City of Amsterdam, XSAGA approached all city residents with this question during UEFA EURO 2020. Those selected were in the running to win an exclusive experience: transferred by special boat to the bridge tender’s house on the Amstel river, the winners would enjoy local snacks and drinks while watching the match and treated to fantastic, unexpected entertainment.

‘With this promotion, we aim to put the real champions of our city in the spotlight and offer them a lively, uniquely Amsterdam experience they will never forget’

- Simone Kukenheim, City of Amsterdam – Marketing Tribune